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Yooooo wuttup Ry-Aholics this is my live journal ill keep it updated as much as possible... yeah my names obv Ryan n i go to South which i will remind all of u North jokes that the score of that football game on 9/18 was yes, indeed 51-7. All you Yankee fans, yes, on 8/31 that score was indeed 22-0. ah, unforgettable days. Anyway, i love sports, i have brown hair, hazel eyes, 5'7/5'8 idk, 140 lbs.. uhh.. idk lol.. and i love sports.. o yeah oops.. i also like school and stuff but only on the weekends.. umm yeah so my name is Ryan and add me to ur friend list thingy cuz im cool like that and yeah this is the story of the days of my life which is sorta valuable to me so enjoy it yo. lol PZ