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AHHH A NEW POST YAYY - barney_luvs_pot [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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AHHH A NEW POST YAYY [Oct. 1st, 2004|11:50 pm]
[mood |exanimatepleased, creative, groggy]
[music |Green Day- Boulevard of Broken Dreams]

today was mad cool cuz i got like.. in the 90s on two tests/quizzes/w.e and also it was just a fun day in school.. after school there was maddd home games n shyt so i figured id know a ton of people so i stayed after.. i hung out wit all the soccer kids and then i watched the south tennis team rape the north tennis team.. me and briANNA NICOLE got along mad good today... i had an orthodontist appointment but my mommy cancelled it cuz my grandmas sister had a funeral.. we werent very close to her but she had a lot of problems and i think heaven is the only thing that would be able to help her sort herself out.. anyway.. after tennis i went home for a little and then i went to work 5-9.. so dick.. i forgot to punch in grr.. but then i told my bitchyass boss and she actually sorted stuff out and said it was ok.. from like 7-9 these kids came on their bikes and i know one, graig, from this hotel i go to every year which massive memories exist in my life from there.. so he and a buncha kids were there 7-9.. i got off at 9 and went to cinema 6 to meet mike and then after 45 minutes jenny FINALLY came to pick us up and we went to her house... and that was pretty cool.. came home, played madden, thats about it.. the only thing that sucked the 6 inch about today was i couldnt go to the fkn pep rally or the bonfire and i heard it was awesome.. mofooo.. w/e lol ya uhh i g2g or w/e but post and shit because its fun to type and stuff byebye


[User Picture]From: barney_luvs_pot
2004-10-03 06:34 am (UTC)

haha yeaaaaa

seann wuttup.. where r u??? i dont see u at south
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